We believe health insurance and medical assistance should be borderless, easy to use, affordable and empower people to take control of their own healthcare journey

TripDoctor is developing the first insurtech product combining borderless health insurance, next generation medical assistance & support tools, and an integrated global outpatient provider & service network 

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Key Components of Insurance Offering

Sales & Enrollment

Digital customer experience simplifies the insurance process with straightforward policy design, efficiently priced plans, quick purchasing & painless enrollment

User-driven medical assistance, multi-channel customer service access, and integrated digital health tools enable user controlled triage and provider access through chat, telemedicine, and in-person appointments

Assistance & Digital Health Tools

Global provider network accessible where and when the customer needs it through our suite of digital health tools

Provider Network

Policy Management

Cloud policy management powers automated claims processing, fraud detection, and real-time policy self-management


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Borderless Healthcare for Digital Natives

Plan & Policy Types

Borderless Worker



Our plans are tailored toward the needs of digital native lifestyles, delivering digital access to a transformative customer experience at a competitive price

TripDoctor's insuretech offering was developed to fundamentally reshape the entire customer experience for international private medical insurance from A-Z

Next-Generation Assistance Platform

Our assistance and digital health platform enable our customers to easily access medical assistance & support, make informed healthcare decisions, and schedule real-time provider appointments via telemedicine, house calls, clinic visits. 

Global Healthcare Network

Plan & Policy Types

We are building a global outpatient healthcare network of physicians and healthcare organizations to empower customers to immediately find and connect to local doctors and services

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Telemedicine Consults

House Call Consults

Hospital & Clinic Visits

Pharmacy Services

Laboratory Services

Emergency Services

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