We've set out to create thenext generation solution for most conveniently & efficiently handle episodes of care while traveling or living in a foreign country.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to reinvent the international healthcare experience through innovative technologies and product offerings that fundamentally improve how to access, utilize, and navigate foreign healthcare systems

Founding History

We created TripDoctor after 30+ years of traveling internationally and living as ex-pats all over the world. Over this time, information and technology has transformed all parts of travel, from booking flights and hotels, to finding transportation and other local services, to allowing us to stay connected with smartphones in the most remote locations of the world.

However, one thing that hasn't changed is how foreigners access healthcare.

Major barriers such as modern scheduling, language, culture, lack of information, lack of price transparency make it just as difficult today to find quality and convenient healthcare as 30 years ago

We realized that while the rest of travel experiences were getting more convenient and more efficient, finding medical care was still the same old nightmare. We sought to change that by building a platform and a comprehensive tool to improve this process and remove the old world barriers to finding a doctor while outside your home country.

Meet our Founders

Daniel McChesney, MD
Ben Hose