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Hotel and Hospitality Partnerships

We partner with local hospitality and tourism organizations including hotels, resorts and hostels, cruise operators and a variety of other tourism operators. Our global platform ensures that guests or customers have instant access to the highest quality medical care, in their language, at a fixed price, all accessible through their phones or devices. Help your guests find the best and quickest healthcare solutions.

Major Benefits of Being a TripDoctor Hospitality & Tourism Partner:

  • Provide a concierge medicine service to international guests at no additional costs
  • Guests can talk to doctors from their room or have the doctor visit their hotel room
  • Fixed price for guest provides additional perceived value
  • Save staff time spent trying to finding and scheduling guest medical care
  • Reduce guest overstays due to illness
  • Competitive advantage over competitors who don’t offer on-site doctor house calls

Insurance Partnerships

Our global platform ensures that covered members are able to access the highest quality medical care immediately, in their language. Our provider network is becoming larger than most international insurance groups, and our business model efficiently triages covered members to the most efficient and effective healthcare solution – saving your company money and providing a better healthcare experience to your covered members. Help your guests find the best and quickest healthcare solutions.

Major Benefits of Being a TripDoctor Insurance Partner:

  • Provide access to large network of local English speaking doctors for your covered members
  • Lower reimbursable costs by controlling unnecessary hospitalization and over utilization of more expensive emergency room resources
  • Reduced overall medical costs across your covered members
  • Offer discounted fee for service appointments to your covered members
  • Offer tech-enabled concierge medical care for your customers
  • Eliminate customer aggravation with finding a doctor and long wait times